At Welspun, quality control does not mean certifying the final product. Instead it refers to the continuous monitoring of each and every stage of the cycle to get the well finished Welspun SAW pipes.


Total Quality Management (TQM) is incorporated at each level of not only the manufacturing process, but also the administrative process at each end of production supported by SAP 6 enabled processes. Right from selection of input materials, to the final finished product, care is taken to see that at each step the exact process and techniques are followed, to give the perfect well tested product.


Highly skilled professionals with strong in-house training and world class practices primarily from Germany , ensures highest quality of products. With its own lignite based 43 megawatt captive power project, Welspun has its energy needs secured.


Each manufacturing facilities are audited by The American Petroleum Institute (API) besides our prestigious clients. It is noteworthy that for the first time in the world, Edge Miller was developed in the plate mill to achieve better efficiency and eventually better product quality for the customer.